Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 10

  1. Thank you Levar Burton for kickstarting Reading Rainbow! I can't afford an Ipad or a Kindle, and I was pretty sad that my kids had to miss out on the Reading Rainbow app because we can't afford fancy electronics. Now they don't, and I'm so excited to share such a big part of my childhood with them!
  2. Thank you to my wife for taking Kevin to work with you so I could get a bit of a break. The baby slept the whole time so I got a chance to watch a movie I've been meaning to watch and just veg out. It was great.
  3. Thank you Kevin for having a relatively easy bed time for once! It makes the whole night better for everyone and it's better for you too (even if you think it's not).
  4. Thank you to my Dad for the awesome compliment. Knowing that you think I'm "one of the most creative people you know" means a lot to me. 
  5. Thank you to my brother in law for trying so hard to get us set up with Verizon, even when you hit roadblock after roadblock. We really appreciate that you keep trying!

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