Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 11

  1. Thank you choremonster for getting my son to finally clean up without a fight! He actually asked  to do more chores so he could play the chore game!
  2. Thank you Dad for calling to chat. We had a great conversation. We've always been really close, but I feel like our relationship has been getting stronger and stronger lately and I love it.
  3. Thank you r/freebies for showing me the recycling website that gets you magazine subscriptions! There are a couple magazines I've been wanting but haven't had money for the subscription and I was able to very quickly earn enough points to get the magazines I wanted
  4. Thank you to my schedule or the universe or whoever conspired so I could have a nice lazy day. It's so nice to have a day with no demands on my time!
  5. Thank you LeVar Burton for the wonderful AMA! It was so inspiring, especially when you responded to the post of the kid who's teacher gave his spot on Reading Rainbow to someone else because he wasn't a strong reader. I love that you are making his dreams come true 20 years later! Sometimes the internet is such a beautiful place, and reading that story made my day!
  6. Bonus Thanks to John Green for another awesome AMA, especially coming of Fault in Our Stars days ago! It was very inspiring to know that you struggle with anxiety as well. Your AMA inspired me to write again!

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