Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 7

  1. Thank you car for making it all the way to Boulder before you died so that my wife wasn't stranded in between
  2. Thank you for only needing a jump! We couldn't afford anything else right now. Hang in there little car, we'll get you fixed soon!
  3. Thank you EBT for covering formula! My little guy needs to eat until I get my supply back up, and that shit is expensive!!
  4. Thank you to my Dad and Step Mom for being so accepting of my wife and I when she came out as trans. It means so much to us to have supportive family, and you two have always been there for us through everything!!
  5. Thank you Cherry Cricket and Man vs Food for introducing me to the Goober Burger (hamburger with cheddar cheese, egg and peanut butter). That is going to be my favorite burger till the end of time!

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