Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 13

  1. Thank you to  our out of town friends for being a little late to give me a chance to shake my bad mood so I was able to enjoy the rest of the day.
  2. Thank you to Belleview Park for having the coolest children's train. It was a lot of fun to ride with my kids and the new friends they made at the park.
  3. Thank you to the lady running the Schwan's booth for letting your son hang out with mine. I think it was helpful to you too since you were working, but it was great for him to have someone his age to play with all day.
  4. Thank you to Schwan's lady for giving my son an ice cream on the house! That was very nice of you!
  5. Thank you to Dollar Tree for having some really awesome summer toys! What I got would have cost a lot more than $3 anywhere else, but $3 is about what I can afford right now, so it was cool to be able to get my son some cool toys to play with at the park. 

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